Thursday, October 05, 2006


"No, it’s not that. It’s just,…It’s easier in the dark…But pretty soon, the lights are gonna come back on and…we’ll go back to being who we really are. Right? I mean, kissing might be… I don’t know, whatever, to you… but to me, it’ll mean something. And I’ll wake up tomorrow, wanting to do it again… and again, and… pretty much all the time. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll feel the same. On the day that changes,on the day you wake up and have to call me;then I’ll kiss you." - Mouth One Tree Hill

It's true isn't it? Its easier to to have some parts of our lives in the dark
...makes it easier to deny that they're even there. In a way we all keep something in the dark don't we? To hide some part of ourselves that we feel no one would like to hide soemthing that we feel no one will love. This is a sad truth that all of us face. We all wear one trully shows their true selves. We all try to hide behind something to make it seem that everything is ok;that we're alright We pretend to be ok when were not. We pretend not care because we got hurt We say never again when we fall even more. But it gets complicated; We get fed up; We give up. It's hard to keep pretending but we keep at it...why? Because we afraid of the consequences. Appearances are everything in this world and it sometimes makes me think if it's worth it? Are we all just hiding from something or someone? Are we afraid to get hurt or to be rescued?