Saturday, January 21, 2006

an eventful 19th birthday celebration...

it's the 21st of January and i'm only able to update my blog now...and believe me alot has happened during that week. actually, the whole year started off exciting for me. i was asked to choreograph a cheerdance routine for the high school sophomores of my alma mater. i was actually caught off guard coz i never expected it nonetheless i accepted the offer. so, i had a hudge undertaking in front of me...i have to make a routine with stunts and lifts in a span of two and a half weeks. it called for alot of creativity on my part and alot of hardwork nonetheless i was able to create a routine. we had the cheerdance competion las friday and won 3rd place which was good enough for me and my squad but what really touched me was the validation that my fellow batchmates gave me. it really meant alot to me.

my 19th birthday actually started off like any other normal day but what surprised me was the fact that alot of people greeted me. even people that i wasn't that close to greeted me. this birthday was actually one of the best of my life. i've been trully been blessed and it made me realize that i must have done something good in my life for the Lord to bless me with so much. i feel that im sometimes not worthy especially at the fact that i'm not exactly a model Catholic but it's blessings like this that make me realize and make me reaffirm my faith in Him. He trully gives you what you deserve and no matter what you've done in life He still makes you feel loved and all He asks is very little. i feel so sad that i can't even do that but i'm trying to do my best.

there's alot that i asked for this year but i guess what stood out is the wish that i fall in love again. after with what happened the last time (which i can trully say that i've moved on) im still apprehensive to fall. i must admit that i'm having new prospects but im not counting on them. if they are meant for me it will come. i consulted my favorite book about this and it said that im wishing and that i shouldn't think of anyone specific. i should believe that it will come and that it is meant for me so for now im just happy with my life and how things are going. i still have alot of things to do but i know that i'll get through them.