Friday, June 10, 2005

"Everything changes...yet TRUE FRIENDSHIP blooms as usual"

"Everything changes...yet flowers bloom every spring as usual..."
I came across this while I was walking through the mall and couldn't help but enjoy the quote that I saw. Very ironic...yet true. Everything in this world changes yet still there are some that stay the same. I'm gonna be starting school next week and I couldn't help but feel very anxious to get this school year started. True that I am the only Bedan to take up Fine Arts and I'm pretty much all by myself there but that won't be the case for long. I consider myself a very friendly person and I know that I can make friends easily enough. I've been asked by my best friend if I would try to find a firend like him in college...frankly, I don't believe that you can find friends like the friends you had in high school. You can find people who offer you something diffrent than what you have been acustomed too. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends in high school and I wopuld do anything for them but I believe that most people who venture off into college find friends that are like the ones they met in high school and frankly what's the surprise in that. We go to college in oder to broaden our horizon and have a more open mind but if we countinue to surround ourselves with wat we're acustomed too then it was for nothing.
I love my friends more than words could ever express and I am very fortunate enough to have such a loving buch of people. I am happy to have found out that no matter what distance we may have between us or no matter how long we don't see each other when we do get a chance to see each other it seems like nothing every happened. It's as if we still we're connected and we grew all at the same time. These epople are some of the most loving, caring, mature, and friendly people I've met. TYhey can give so an entirely diffrent perspective when it comes to problems and you'll always know that their by your side no matter what. I'm so greatful for meeting and being part of their lives coz they are certainly part of mine. The memories that we've shared together are some of the most memorable and I will always cherish them for the rest of my life.
If you're wondering what all of this has got to do with the openning quote I gave...I believe that TRUE FRIENDSHIP are like flowers...they still bloom as usual. No matter what when you know that the friends you have are the BEST bunch of people you've ever met then it dosen't matter how much life changes or how much you yourself changes they'll always be with you every step of the way...
"Everything changes...yet TRUE FRIENDSHIP blooms as usual..."