Saturday, April 30, 2005

peoples miss-conceptions...

if you are wondering kung bakit ganyan ang spelling ng title ng entry na will find out after reading this. due to some recent events in my life i've been made to realize that people, (some of wnich i've know all my life...) have a diffrent perseption of me even after getting to know me. i found out that a good friend of mine was actually jealous of me simply because i was texting his girlfriend who by the way is also a very good friend of mine. they went into this fight that lead to him saying that we were having a naffair which was completly false and him ending up saying things to personal to even write in this entry. upon hearing this i called my best friend and asked her if her boyfriend felt the same way, she made my day by saying that he didn't. i found solace in the fact that not evryone on the planet felt the way my other firend did. we put the phone down and i continued with my day as usual but then my best friend texted me and said that she and her boyfriend had a fight and not to my surprise it was about moi!!! wow...just when i thought that the world made sense it throws me a curve ball like this. i asked her to tell me the whole story and what were exactly said (something that i regret doing now...) she told me that her boyfriend didn't get jealous with "Gay " guys. i was shocked and speechless...i couldn't even listen to my best friend anymore. and to think this guy was someone that i knew for a year. i had no idea that this guy...a guy which such in-depth thinking could have such a shallow perception of me. it just goes to show that people can surprise you without you knowing it. i honestly don't know why he had that idea when my best friend told him time and again that im not gay... i must admit that some of my actions are some what feminine in nature but i know myself well enough to say that im not gay. i feel like im back in grade school and everyone is too busy noticing waht other people do that fail to grasp their own shit!! its so immature!!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

thank you

its been so long since i last wrote anything in this blog so its a great joy for me to be able to write something right now. as the title states this entry is just my way of saying thank you to all those people who have made such a big impact on my life and i hope vice versa. i came in batch 2005 expecting the worst but boy was i wrong. the Lord blessed me so much. He gave me the BEST barkada that a person can ask for. He blessed me with the Best Friends i ever had. He blessed me more than i asked and i don't know how to repay Him for evrything he's done for me. I just want to say thank you...
to my Barkada...the Best group of people that i've known i'm so gonna miss you guys more than you'll ever know. stopping one year of school was the best thing that ever happened to me coz if that didn't happen then i wouldn't have met you guys. I wouldn't have been able to help you the way i did and you wouldn't have made me to the person i am. i owe so much to you guys and now that we start another chapter of our lives i know tyhat we'll always still be ther for each other no matter what. i know that we'll be still friends no matter what happens in each others lives. like what mark said we'll meet new people in college but we'll always have a special place in our hearts for each other. i have so much more to say but i thingk one song says it all...

Sung By Kelly Clarkson
Lyrics By Harvey Mason, Jr./Damon Thomas/Kenneth Edmonds/Kelly Clarkson

You know my soul
You know everything about me there's to know
You know my heart
How to make me stop and how to make me go
You should know
I love ev'rything about you
Don't you know?

That I'm thankful for the blessings
And the lessons that I've learned with you by my side
That I'm thankful (so thankful)
For the love that you
Keep bringin' in my life
In my life
Thankful, so thankful

You know my thoughts
Before I open up my mouth and try to speak
You know my dreams
Must be listenin' when I'm talkin' in my sleep
I hope you know
I love having you around me
Don't you know, yeah
That I'm thankful (oh) for the blessings (oh)
And the lessons that I've learned with you by my side
That I'm thankful (so thankful)
For the love that you
In my life(Keep bringin' in my life)
In my life
Don't you know that I'm thankful (for the moments)
When I'm down (Oh yeah)
You know just how to make me smile (oh yeah)(Make me smile)
Thankful (so thankful) for all the joy you bring into my life
Oh, bringin' in my life(In my life)

For the lessons that I've learned
For the trouble I've known
For the heartache and pain
Thrown in my way
When I didn't think I could go on
But you made me feel strong
With you I am never alone(Thankful, so thankful)

So I'm thankful (oh) for the blessings (yeah)
And the lessons that I've learned with you by my side
That I'm thankful (so thankful)
For the love that you
Keep bringin' in my life
In my life
Thankful (thankful) for the moments (so thankful) when I'm down you know just how to make me (oh yeah) smile (oh yeah)
Thankful (thankful) for all the joy you bring into my lifeIn my life
Thankful Thankful Thankful
So thankful So thankful So thankful So thankful
Thankful Thankful

so for now...good journey & until we meet again. I LOVE YOU!!!