Thursday, March 10, 2005

everything changes...

evrything changes and nothing turns out like you planned. i for one never expected evrything to happen so fast but they do. the Lord trully works in mysterious way and He worked for the betterment of me and the people around me. just recently i was made to realize the value of the people around me. my eyes were opened to the reality that i've touched so many live in a short amoun of time. not tot blow my own horn but i trully didn't see how many lives i touched until now. i've been so blessed and no words can express how thankful i am to these people. i don't know to repay the trust that they've given me and i will trully cherish it for the rest of my life. they say that TRUE friends are one in a million and im very PROUD to say that I HAVE ALOT OF THEM.
so to these TRUE FRIENDS OF MINE, i THANK YOU for everything. YOU'VE really made an impact upon my life and how i live it and i hope that i too made an impact on yours. this is not the end but merely the beginning, we've taken the first step and as we continue to walk on this road of life i know that WE WILL BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT. we started this friendship by chance but I ASSURE YOU THAT WE WILL END IT WITH EACH OF US SAYING, "I LOVE YOU!!"

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The story continues...

like what the title says the story continues. life, like most other things go own and as much as we try to avoid life's curve balls we end up missing a few but getting hit alot. that's how life's an endless cycle of learning lessons thru experience. i must say i am in that process of learning one of life's simple lessons and let me just say that it is a complete hell hole. if you remember one of my posts on this site was entitled "this is an explination" which by the way is nothing like a's more of just me telling a story. anyway, back to what i was saying life indeed hits you hard when you don't get the lesson right away like what i am experiencing life is teaching me that ther are wolves in sheeps clothing.
i fell in love with a girl who i thought was one thing but completly turned out to be another. i fell for the wrong type of person...she was a player, lair, manipulator and a bitch. she completly manipulated me all the time that we were together and frankly im sick of it. at first i never really noticed or maybe i didnt wat to believe it but now i see things all to clearly. my friends have been telling me to forget about her and just go on with my life. i don't deserve what im getting out of our relationship. i allowed myself to be manipulated to do everything she wanted, to treat her like a princess, to be someone im clearly not. when you're in love people do crazy things, i do believe in that saying. i was in love i was doing things i wouldn't normally do. i wasn't myself. i was so stupid to even fall for her when people said i shouldn't.
a friend of mine wrote about how love is connected to bus rides and now its connections to bunjee jumping, money and a bucket of water. i know it sounds wack and you might be wondering what's the connection but i assure you that my friend makes a very excellent point when he wrote it. if you want to know what im talking about just log on to and you're gonna find out why.
for now that's it...catch ya on da flipside!!!